Free Guide: How to transfer your Irish Pension Abroad

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Understand your options

As you no longer live in the Ireland then it is vital that you fully understand the options open to you in order to best meet your personal retirement needs.

You have three choices regarding your pension:

  1. Keep it invested in the Ireland.
  2. Transfer it to an overseas pension scheme in your new country of residence
  3. Transfer it to an overseas pension scheme in another EU member state

Our no cost, no obligation review makes it easier for you to understand what choices are available and most importantly, which options offer you the best levels of pension income.

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What can you gain?

  • A potential higher tax free lump sum
  • Receive your pension in any major currency
  • A pension that is free from all Irish taxes
  • Pass your entire remining pension fund to your beneficiaries free of Irish tax
  • Earlier access to your pension from age 50
  • Avoid the Irish Standard Fund Threshold

About Us

Expat Pension Solutions provide specialist advice to Irish expats or non Irish citizens who have Irish pension benefits who no longer reside in Ireland.

We are a fully compliant company. We are not owned by a bank or financial institution which means we always act in the best interests of our clients and not shareholders.

All the advisers within the firm have many years’ experience in Irish financial services but also in dealing with Irish Expatriates.